Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I get a kick out of Burger King's wrappings. Here are some I found today. I am getting my new desk organized and of course I have such silliness stuffed somewhere and of course I found them and want to keep them.

1. When we first told folks we mixed cold greens and delicious hot chicken in BK salads, they were all, "Oh, no you didn't. "
But we were all, "Oh yes we did."
And we held up the Pouch like, "Badda bam!"
It's pretty obvious we made our point.

2.Enormous omelet sandwich.
Call the office and tell em you might be late.
Seems there's a big ol breakfast sandwich staring you in the face and you've got business of your own to tend to.
"You'll get there when you get there"
With a vere contented smile on you face.

3.BK Big Fish
While it's true the BK Big Fish is one of the biggest around, nothing says you can't exaggerate it an inch or two when you talk about it to your friends.
It'll be our little secret.

4. Original chicken sandwich
You know what they say, Originals order originals. And you're proof.
They broke the mold when they made you, didn't they?
Oh, yeah!

5.In Case of over-excitement
Getting hot fresh food is exciting.
But for some it can be too much to handle, leading to heavy breathing, lightheadedness, and in a few cases, fainting.
If you feel you're getting much too excited here's what to do: quickly remove the contents of this bag. Hold it to your mouth. Breathe slowly in and out.
Once you've calmed down put down the bag, finish your meal and try concentrating on other things like slow-flowing streams or sleeping kittens.

Occasionally, you'll get an onion ring that does't play by the rules.
An outsider, a lone loop in a sea of spuds.
A Ringer.
But don't be alarmed. This is a good thing. An extra treat just for you.
Though Ringers may not appear often, if they did, would they really be so special ???

I don't know any other restaurant that has clever printing on their carryouts, or eating ins.

Betty G


My good news (I have no bad news yet), is I am not itching and hurting like I have been with the hives. If you prayed for me, I thank you.

We are busy again. The Freedom Flight vets will be having a reunion in August and family is invited so some of us will go with Dean. It will be a couple of flights together.
Then there is the Gumbert reunion in a park this year. And we are hoping to have a thrift sale under our big tent before school starts.

Bryant, our youngest, and his family are on their way northeast for a new life. They are really excited, and everything looks good for them.

Grandson Jeremy will be having his Breaking Bricks for charity in August, and an open house in his new building in September for martial arts.

So, the summer hasn't slowed much even though I have!!

Enjoy the weather, winter will come and we will complain more and more. I do not enjoy cold weather. It's the South in me

Take care,
Betty G