Monday, July 19, 2010


I am guessing but I think this will be the last picnic this summer for our family.
Yesterday we had a picnic for Dean's birththday, he is 86, and it was at Betty's with everyone coming and going because the day caught so many of our family busy with other things.
But it was a good day. Visiting with each other was unusually good, the food was exceptionally good, kids were really good with each other, it was great.
Bryant, Vada, Gage, and Vada Jane, and a friend, Tracy, who would help drive, were there and we were saying goodbyes and wishing them the best in their new move out east. Tracy came up from Houston, Texas just to help drive one car, a good friend.
They and we are excited for them, a new job, a new home, a new school, a new church, new friends, on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It really is exciting and unknown.
And you can be sure we will be praying for them and keeping in touch, for their excitment to continue and they will be happy there. We will certainly miss them.

Before the day started I was back in emergency with these hives. This meant more stereroids and other meds and I was good until afternoon, then I was hit again with itching and pain. Haven't any idea how long this this will last but it sure is miserable for me and everyone around me!

Dean made it through the day with lots of greetings and presents. Doug's girlfriend, Jessica, made his birthday cake. It depicted a golf course with a hole in one design and was really pretty and tasted good too. Another plus!

So, we covered a lot yesterday and now things here will settle down. We do have to get my office part straightend up. I got a new desk (used one) and chair and so rearranged everything but have more to do. Dean has a job in Duluth for one day coming up and Bobbi is visiting us for a few days, so we are busy. And my hives are driving me nuts.

Oh, one other thing. Humana's summer issue is out and a story about me is in it. I was expecting an article about elderly bloggers but it is only me. I just jumped with surprise when I saw the subtitle about "boopchile." a wonderful surprise though, and I enjoyed the writer when we were corresponding. She was delightful!

Life is good and bad and I am thankful for everyday and what it brings.
Hope you agree with life for yourself and yours.

Betty G