Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It really started Friday with my fall. I'm okay now but after that fall we just sat with a friend to help her relax when she had problems. She was suffering stress but when we left she was relaxing again. Actually we had a nice visit.

I was hurting from the fall so we came home and sat around here doing little or nothng. I noticed I was getting a rash and it was spreading all over me. I thought, "Hives!"
So, what do you do? I did everything I knew and anyone told me, and even the internet gave me advice. I prayed a lot, went to bed early but slept little.

That was a mistake, Monday morning I slept till after 10:30! Just ruined my day! I was itching and hurting! and just miserable. I wrapped up in covers and slept and slept, and sweat and sweat. Miserable!

Dean went somewhere, I don't remember, I spread my hurting and itching body in the swing on the porch. and stayed there, seemed forever. When Dean got back he said my upper lip looked funny. It wasn't funny. The Hives had caused the lip to swell, looked like Mortimer Snerd!

Dean talked me into at least going in to Express Care where I knew it would be a short visit and only see a nurse. She would be fine. And she was. She had us go to the pharmacy and get some pretty stout meds. Dean said he had to almost sign away his life to buy it, gov. keeping track.
That night I didn't sleep much. That was only Monday.

Talked to Jesus, talked to myself, wondered what I would try next. The nurse at Express Care
said what I didn't want to hear, I needed steroids. By this time my lower lip was puffed out, I now looked worse than Mr. Snerd.

It's now Tuesday, I had a sleepless night, a fact.
I had decided to call my doctor's nurse to have him talk to my doctor about me. I knew he could do better. He called me back and said I should go to the emergency. Emergency! What did Hives have with emergency?
I found out.

I was the only patient there. They took my Hives seriously. I was undressed, of course, and put to bed. These were sweet, sweet people, they cheered me, tried to make me laugh, kept me
right up to the minute what they were and would be doing.
I had a blood test of course, an EKG, had x-rays, my hand ready with needles for meds, covered with warm blankets, and all the while they kept that sweetness.

This is getting too long. I loved the doctor, he was so smart and so caring of how I felt. Another fellow called himself a "yardtech" which meant he did everything that was needed. He was great to talk to. Dean reminded me he gave the tests I was given.
And those sweet nurses kept coming and going and talking and laughing. I loved them.

The last thing they did was the plasma, two bags. That over they wrote instructions to keep me on track, and Dean took me home after about four hours of lying on my back obeying every order.

At home my lips are still swelled some, I still look awful, I am up but the Hives got up with me.
I am so confused I forgot it was today I was at the hospital. The hospital changed the schedule for meds and of course Dean had to go after more. This doctor had labeled two of my old meds as being the bad guys, so they skidooed. The Hives are still all over me but I do believe they are fading. They don't like steroids either.
Blessings still come, just where? They surprise us. Thank You God, I think it is going to be a good week.
Dean will have his 86th birthday, I may see my doctor the same day although I don't know why. I have to call him for an appointment, but it will be short, I hope he will find time for me.

Happy Days are still around and God is still good, and the only sad thing will be saying good bye to our youngest son and his family, they will be moving East.

Betty G