Sunday, July 11, 2010


A habit I don't like, falling. Falls, three in June and one already in July.
I fell Friday when at a yard sale I sat in my walker, but the driveway was steep and I went sailing down it backwards before I knew it and soon I went one way and my walker went another, and Dean had to pick me up again.
No broken bones but bruised and sore. One arm has a broken blood vessel which will just turn purple and go away. There is some swelling and one elbow scraped.
Sure could have been worse.

The trip to Tomah for Dean's 86th birthday has been changed to Betty's. Bless her, she always wants us to come to her house.
Also I will miss the Duluth trip. Dean says no way.
So it looks like I will be home again for a while to get over this. And pray it is enough punishment to this old body of mine.

Have I something to be thankful for? You bet!!
First, that Dean was with me and could pick me up. Then it was me instead of Dean. Then I didn't get hurt any worse than I did, even with two pair of glasses on they weren't broken, or any teeth, yet both sides of my face are sore.

The kids like to say this is our family reunion. And that is fine with us, when we are gone they will still have the reunion together. We are thankful our family is close and hopefully always will be. We have enough family to have a reunion already.

Life is good.
Betty G


I hate to say it but I fell again. No broken bones just bruised up and shaken good, and sore all over.

It was Friday at a yard sale. I was sitting in my walker and the driveway was steep and down I went, ending up on the ground. The walker went one way, I went another, and Dean had to pick me up again.

It's getting too often, three times in June, and now it's happening in July. I blame it on carelessness, mine.

Dean's picnic, his 86th birthday, was to be in Tomah, now it will be at Betty's, bless her she always wants us there. And a trip to Duluth will also be missed for me, Dean says no way.

I will probably quit yardsaling for a while. Hopefully, we will have one in August, though I am not sure if our house or Betty's!

The kids have dubbed Dean's birthday picnic our family reunion, we have enough family to have a reunion!

I think I will be homebound for a while so it will be nice to see the family.

Betty G