Monday, May 31, 2010


Tomorrow is June 1, and the days hasten by.........

June 3 - Ella June's birthday, a dear friend. She was at our anniversary picnic and looking beautiful as usual.
June 9 - Ella June and Bill's anniversary, 50 something years. Our best to them.
June 14 - Flag Day.
June 18 - Grandson Eric's birthday, out in Colorado.
June 19 - Great Grandson Tyler will be two!! A busy little boy.
June 20- Father's Day, Another picnic.
June 21 - Betty's birthday. She is our oldest.
June 27 - Dear friend, Hattie, will celebrate her birthday.
June 29 - Happy Birthday to Zoanna's hubby.
June 30 - Granddaughter Laura's birthday. Sweetie!

June 21 is also the first day of summer. It isn't cold or too hot, but I still pray that I will not hate Al Gore!!

Greetings to all, but it I missed anyone please let me know!!
Betty G