Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last Sunday I was not a "Happy Camper." The weather had turned out nicely but there were too many sick children to keep me happy.

But I became a very happy person when a yard full of friends and family gathered with us to note the 65th anniversary for Dean and I. It was a certainly a happy time.
Our children treated us to a wonderful time and we will be forever grateful.

65 years together, a 19-year-old USO hostess for the Salvation Army and a 20 year-old-army private( a Yankee). We had known each other three months.

I can only explain our love as God-given with intentions of keeping us together all these years, and I might add Dean is an exceptional husband and father to our five children, completely fashioned by God for marriage. Thank You God for all Your plans and works, and for Your love for us.

So, I am happy, and happy to report the children have all recovered. It is a week after the fun and I am still exhausted from trying to visit with everyone. It was wonderful!

Betty G