Monday, May 10, 2010


Over 100 WW II veterans were on a 737 flying to Washington, D.C., for the Freedom Honor Flight, all for them! Saturday.

Families and veterans were gathered in a hanger at the LaCrosse airport in French Island. Wheelchairs and helpers were necessary for a lot of them, our Greatest Generation is getting old and their aren't many left. One man handed to someone on the plane, a flag-frame with a flag and picture of his dad who should have been on the plane but passed away. He was going anyway. This really touched me. I had three special uncles who have died but you can bet they would have been there if they were living. And they would have loved it!

Dean had a wonderful day. The main goal was to see the WW II Memorial, but they also visited the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean Memorial, the Iwo Jima, and the Air Force Memorial.
They took a lot of pictures of course and I will post them eventually.

Bobbi and I were back Saturday night to welcome them back as were a lot of other people. The veterans got off the plane, walked through flags on each side, and met a hanger full of people with flags and yelling, and with a band playing loud and really good, and the veterans were smiling and shaking hands with people lined up.
I am crying as I remember the evening.

Russ added to the day for Dean by coming over from New York, where he lives, by train and spending almost the whole day with Dean. It was special to Dean and Russ, too.

I have written a lot for the few readers but for myself, too. And I am sure I will write more with some pictures.

Betty G