Saturday, May 01, 2010


And a merry month it is.

May 3, Peg's birthday.

May 4, my brother's birthday and his and his wife Vivian's wedding anniversary.

May 8, Dean's trip on the Freedon Honor Flight to D.C. for the WW II memorial.

May 9, Mother's Day. My mother was buried on Mother's Day, 1935.

May 11, Bryant's birthday.

May 15, Armed Forces Day.

May 17, our 65th wedding anniversary.

May 31. Memorial Day.

And someone reminded me that another grandson, Elijah, had a birthday either April 31 or May 1. I'm not sure but I do thank whoever sent it, He was with us one Christmas and one picnic, and we and everyone, really enjoyed him I had hopes we could get him to visit again.

I have a feeling I missed someone so please let me know. My info is scattered here and there, on this and that, which makes me sure I have missed someone or something. I need help or next year I will still miss someone.
Did I miss anyone else?

Betty G