Saturday, March 20, 2010


It hit me. What have we come to that we have to have political argumental work on the Lord's Day. A Day that is supposed to be a day of rest!

It really isn't right but who is complaining? No one. People just accept it.

Doesn't it bother you? It bothers me.
Betty G


Another scary column is Robert Ringer's "Being Proud to say No." Ringer is a prominent voice for liberty.

Ringer's title isn't a clue to what scared me.
He zings in on the "deem" to replace voting.

He says watch out for an emergency especially around voting time, fall, 2010.

His examples are war between Iran and Israel, Civil War in the US, unarmed civilians being
controlled, even attacked, by armed military. He says anything will work for Congress for this.

Ringer is fearful for the US and stresses "watch out" for crises.

Betty G


I'm reading again, that means more politics. I write this for my own journal, just print it and insert it in for my own records.

Bret Baier's interview with President Obama on Special Report this past week, really opened eyes to Obama's lying and his real plans for Obamacare.
Example, this statement made by Obama, "The ideas embodied in this bill basically track the recommendations of Democrat Tom Daschle and Republicans Bob Dole and Howard Baker."
That is probably true. Dole and Baker might have shown their liberal sides if asked, but Daschle is definitely liberal. He would lead this bill now but for his tax scandal.
"Daschle's ideas were that doctors give up autonomy (self-governing) and that means obeying orders from breaucrats, and that seniors will have to learn to deal with conditions arising from their age, rather than receive treatment."
This scares me re this bill. Especially now that I see Dean at 85 needing what he gets from our doctor now.
This was from David Limbaugh's column, "Thank You Bret Baier."
David is a lawyer.

Then there is Jane Chastian, a co-host on the Judicial Watch Report. Her column is titled,
"Fooling Granny." Contained is this, "This bill sets up an Independent Medicare Advisory Board, which is to recommend cuts for the sole purpose of limiting the amount of resources going to Medicare patients. Some have called it a "Death Panel.

"For this bill to pass, Granny must believe that she will be able to see a specialist when she needs one, who will be able to give her the expensive tests required to diagnose her problem.
Granny must believe she will be able to receive that operation or treatment that could save or extend her life. Nothing could be further from the truth!"

She goes on why Granny is being fooled.
This is also scary to me.
Like Fox Network, "We report, you decide."

Betty G