Tuesday, March 02, 2010


My morning is getting away from me. But, this article has more to say about the world changes.

The idea at the UN is a global society. This is all new to me, at least I have never given it enough thought to believe it.

I am old enough to remember when we learned right and wrong in daily lives in school. Now it seems students are taught to be "global citizens" and take part in politics. Is this really true?
Are our children being taught national sovereignity is wrong? Are they being taught Christians are the problem of world problems?

Are political power and social teaching of world order taking over the students? I do not know but my reading says it is true.
Are we really on the virge of having a world money system?
Are we to become a minor nation in the world? Who will respond as we did in WW 1 and 2?
Will we just be told we will do and not be asked to do?
Is our constitution being taught in school? We adults need to read and study it ourselves, I am speaking for myself also.
A new legal counsel to the US State Department, Harold Koh, critizes the US for not obeying the laws.He is in favor of joining the internation criminal court which is to have jurisdiction over very nation in this world. That includes us. We'd better do what they say in our military for example.

Revelation 17-18 tells us a new world order is coming and will at first be accepted by the world.
This to the reader should not be a surprise. God will have judgement over this in our favor.
We need to start thanking Him now.

We need to realize we still have life in a nation of freedom and laws. These are gifts from God and we need to take care of them, rejecting globalism now.

This is all from a single article and I left some things out to shorten it. It is serious. Losing our freedoms is serious and we must watch it.

Betty G


Sometimes I think I should give up reading!!

Have you ever heard of the UN's Social Council's Commission on Sustainable Development? It is new to me, too.
This is a council of the United Nations that is in the business of controlling the world's water, energy, health, agriculture, and more.
The action plan goes by the name, "AGenda 21." It is basic security, a goal of the UN's labor unions.
Originally basic security for the UN covered defensive measures for member nations. It has been changed to chronic things such as hunger, disease, and respression. It also includes things that may disrupt daily life, whatever that means.
It has been called socialism. It means governments are to control all life to what the government delermines proper use of our resources. This will kill all freedom, and all national sovereignty.

I don't know what we have joined of the UN's policies but their are many, probably hundreds, of agencies that will kill all freedoms of the USA.

To me, this is a big reason to leave the United Nations and all its attempting to run all nations to their way, always anti-America.

Does this mean the USA is to be ruled by the rest of the world? What happens to our constitution?
I really would like to know more.

Betty G