Monday, February 01, 2010


February 2010 is here, TODAY !

Feruary 1 - Grandson Buck's birthday, he would be 30 now.
February 2 - Grandson Doug's birthday.
February 11 - Grandson Matt, our firefighter and first responder, will be 27.
February 11 - Friend Clara's birthday.
February 13 - Son Denny's birthday.
February 13 - Friend Millie's 92nd birthday.
February 17 - Granddaughters Jeni and Jodee both will celebrate birthdays.
February 20 - Great grandson Aiden James celebrating in Heaven.
February 23 - Great Grandson J.D.'s fifth birthday.
February 27 - Good friend Donna's birthday.

The weather forecaster said it would be one degree below zero this morning, too dark for me to read the outside thermometer. According to the weather station in my office, it is 9 above. I will have to wait for light outside to see who is right. I do know it is cold!

Every month means birthday cards. If I missed someone, or got something wrong, let me know.
Betty G