Thursday, January 14, 2010


1. In a human being, the wishbone is located just under the hat.

2.You may not be a star, but you need not be a cloud, either.

3.Some folks are wise, and some folks are otherwise.

This was in a local shopper, and I just liked it.
'Today, we would like to thank Albert for his service to our company.
Albert is someone who does not know the meaning of impossible task, who
does not know the meaning of lunch break, who does not understand the
meaning of the word no. So we have chipped in and bought Albert a

This one, too.
"I see you went crazy at the big summer clearance sale," Wanda comments, as
she looks at all the bags of merchandise her friend, Carol, just brought home from
the store.
"You got that right.....I almost bought their elevator because it was marked 'down' "

I guess you can see I am feeling better about the tests. Now, I want to see Dean have a good report.

Betty G


If you prayed for good news for me, thank you very much.
I was scheduled for a mammogram and an ultrasound today. First the mammogram went slow but the final word was nothing wrong, so the ultrasound wasn't needed.
Good, good news.
Some of you had encouraged me so much I hadn't worried about it at all.

Dean had tests too this morning but we don't have the reports yet. He had the regular lab work and then a catscan.
For this work, we really aren't worried either.

Thank you again, for your prayers.
Thank You Lord, for your care.

Betty G