Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Something new at our house but you would never guess what it could be.

The same old thing is the waste of time for me just sitting around and doing very little and believe me I look the part.

The something new was brought by daughter Peg yesterday. It is a wig, correctly almost white. Now I am trying to get used to it by wearing it around the house and stying it or rather keeping it from being unstyled. It really is nice and I really do need one. So, I really do thank her.
Like I say all the time, I have some great kids!

Betty G

Thursday, November 18, 2010


How I am doing this week. I am still hurting and I am still falling. Nothing changing there.
Tomorrow I am to get an evaluation for a power chair and how it will work in our little house. I don't see a problem there, nor does the doctor. I am to always use the chair, all the time. For exercise I am to use a walker and walk around in the house.. Sounds boring doesn't it?
To me it sounds pain free. Maybe I will feel like singing!

I get so silly and I blame it on pain.
I can only say, don't fall.

Daughter Peggy is having falls, too, and some days are pretty good for her. She keeps working and is more active than I am.

We are finding there are many people who have worse pain than we do and we take time to pray for them. It takes the self pity away from us. This is something to remember.

Take care, Don't fall. I have seen a lot of doctors in the last three months and this is their favorite advice.
Betty G