Saturday, July 31, 2010


Columnist Cal Thomas has an opinion of what happened to the Arizona illegal law,

It goes back to a law, the Defense of Marriage Act, passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996. This was not a minor law, but now in Massachusetts a state law for same-sex marriage cannot be overruled by the federal law.

Now, we hear and read a federal judge overules federal law when a state law "promotes the interests of the ruling liberal and culural elites."

Thomas used the words "marriage definers" for these same-sex liberals. I prefer to call marriage a rite given to us by God.

Betty G

Friday, July 30, 2010


It's summer and I love summer.
BUT I don't love the way I am feeling lately, no energy, legs not working, so I am not excited about anything.
That could change. In the meantime there are some people to remember this month. I may not have everyone listed so help me if you can.
Thank you.

August 1 - Great Grandson Brett is 10 years old.
August 15 - Gumbert annual reunion, never miss this.
August 22 - Great Grandson Avery, birthday.
August 28 - Brandy's birthday, I never ask her age, but hubby Gary probably knows.
August 29 - Great Grandson Tristian will be 14! Yes, 14!
- Also Dave and Marcie will note 66 years of marriage.
August 30 - Lowell, our oldest grandson, will be 40 years old, this is another correction. He is really 43!111

Sometime this month, I think it is August 1, Jerry and Doris will celebrate their 51st anniversary.

Looks like a slow month but could change.

Greetings to yall, a little southern lingo!!
Betty G

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Urgent care reported the doctor's report: no fractures! That is really good news.
Otherwise, two more meds to be given up, too much calcium, not enough water(dehydrated), such minor things. So it is good news.
I will see my primary doctor Aug 4, and if I don't give up til then, maybe I will find some news to make me okay again. Hope you are praying for me.

Another beautiful day, but storms forecast tonight. So what else is new?

Take care,
BEtty G

Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, I started off the day with getting an appointment for urgent care. So, I can barely walk but Dean is always there for me and we made it. I saw a new doctor (liked him), then it was blood work, x-rays, and report tomorrow, and we will see what he finds. Because of my falls, he was wondering if I had any fractures. I hope not, I do have bruises.
Then Dean picked up a salad for me and I was done for the day.

I love surprises and we got one this afternoon.
We had heard STeve Martin was in town with a band. The surprise was who his body guard was to be. Jeremy, our grandson. Jeremy is little but dynamite, police trained and owner of two martial arts schools. On the police force he was called their secret weapon. I think Steve Martin will be well served.

Betty G

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I get a kick out of Burger King's wrappings. Here are some I found today. I am getting my new desk organized and of course I have such silliness stuffed somewhere and of course I found them and want to keep them.

1. When we first told folks we mixed cold greens and delicious hot chicken in BK salads, they were all, "Oh, no you didn't. "
But we were all, "Oh yes we did."
And we held up the Pouch like, "Badda bam!"
It's pretty obvious we made our point.

2.Enormous omelet sandwich.
Call the office and tell em you might be late.
Seems there's a big ol breakfast sandwich staring you in the face and you've got business of your own to tend to.
"You'll get there when you get there"
With a vere contented smile on you face.

3.BK Big Fish
While it's true the BK Big Fish is one of the biggest around, nothing says you can't exaggerate it an inch or two when you talk about it to your friends.
It'll be our little secret.

4. Original chicken sandwich
You know what they say, Originals order originals. And you're proof.
They broke the mold when they made you, didn't they?
Oh, yeah!

5.In Case of over-excitement
Getting hot fresh food is exciting.
But for some it can be too much to handle, leading to heavy breathing, lightheadedness, and in a few cases, fainting.
If you feel you're getting much too excited here's what to do: quickly remove the contents of this bag. Hold it to your mouth. Breathe slowly in and out.
Once you've calmed down put down the bag, finish your meal and try concentrating on other things like slow-flowing streams or sleeping kittens.

Occasionally, you'll get an onion ring that does't play by the rules.
An outsider, a lone loop in a sea of spuds.
A Ringer.
But don't be alarmed. This is a good thing. An extra treat just for you.
Though Ringers may not appear often, if they did, would they really be so special ???

I don't know any other restaurant that has clever printing on their carryouts, or eating ins.

Betty G


My good news (I have no bad news yet), is I am not itching and hurting like I have been with the hives. If you prayed for me, I thank you.

We are busy again. The Freedom Flight vets will be having a reunion in August and family is invited so some of us will go with Dean. It will be a couple of flights together.
Then there is the Gumbert reunion in a park this year. And we are hoping to have a thrift sale under our big tent before school starts.

Bryant, our youngest, and his family are on their way northeast for a new life. They are really excited, and everything looks good for them.

Grandson Jeremy will be having his Breaking Bricks for charity in August, and an open house in his new building in September for martial arts.

So, the summer hasn't slowed much even though I have!!

Enjoy the weather, winter will come and we will complain more and more. I do not enjoy cold weather. It's the South in me

Take care,
Betty G

Monday, July 19, 2010


I am guessing but I think this will be the last picnic this summer for our family.
Yesterday we had a picnic for Dean's birththday, he is 86, and it was at Betty's with everyone coming and going because the day caught so many of our family busy with other things.
But it was a good day. Visiting with each other was unusually good, the food was exceptionally good, kids were really good with each other, it was great.
Bryant, Vada, Gage, and Vada Jane, and a friend, Tracy, who would help drive, were there and we were saying goodbyes and wishing them the best in their new move out east. Tracy came up from Houston, Texas just to help drive one car, a good friend.
They and we are excited for them, a new job, a new home, a new school, a new church, new friends, on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It really is exciting and unknown.
And you can be sure we will be praying for them and keeping in touch, for their excitment to continue and they will be happy there. We will certainly miss them.

Before the day started I was back in emergency with these hives. This meant more stereroids and other meds and I was good until afternoon, then I was hit again with itching and pain. Haven't any idea how long this this will last but it sure is miserable for me and everyone around me!

Dean made it through the day with lots of greetings and presents. Doug's girlfriend, Jessica, made his birthday cake. It depicted a golf course with a hole in one design and was really pretty and tasted good too. Another plus!

So, we covered a lot yesterday and now things here will settle down. We do have to get my office part straightend up. I got a new desk (used one) and chair and so rearranged everything but have more to do. Dean has a job in Duluth for one day coming up and Bobbi is visiting us for a few days, so we are busy. And my hives are driving me nuts.

Oh, one other thing. Humana's summer issue is out and a story about me is in it. I was expecting an article about elderly bloggers but it is only me. I just jumped with surprise when I saw the subtitle about "boopchile." a wonderful surprise though, and I enjoyed the writer when we were corresponding. She was delightful!

Life is good and bad and I am thankful for everyday and what it brings.
Hope you agree with life for yourself and yours.

Betty G

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It really started Friday with my fall. I'm okay now but after that fall we just sat with a friend to help her relax when she had problems. She was suffering stress but when we left she was relaxing again. Actually we had a nice visit.

I was hurting from the fall so we came home and sat around here doing little or nothng. I noticed I was getting a rash and it was spreading all over me. I thought, "Hives!"
So, what do you do? I did everything I knew and anyone told me, and even the internet gave me advice. I prayed a lot, went to bed early but slept little.

That was a mistake, Monday morning I slept till after 10:30! Just ruined my day! I was itching and hurting! and just miserable. I wrapped up in covers and slept and slept, and sweat and sweat. Miserable!

Dean went somewhere, I don't remember, I spread my hurting and itching body in the swing on the porch. and stayed there, seemed forever. When Dean got back he said my upper lip looked funny. It wasn't funny. The Hives had caused the lip to swell, looked like Mortimer Snerd!

Dean talked me into at least going in to Express Care where I knew it would be a short visit and only see a nurse. She would be fine. And she was. She had us go to the pharmacy and get some pretty stout meds. Dean said he had to almost sign away his life to buy it, gov. keeping track.
That night I didn't sleep much. That was only Monday.

Talked to Jesus, talked to myself, wondered what I would try next. The nurse at Express Care
said what I didn't want to hear, I needed steroids. By this time my lower lip was puffed out, I now looked worse than Mr. Snerd.

It's now Tuesday, I had a sleepless night, a fact.
I had decided to call my doctor's nurse to have him talk to my doctor about me. I knew he could do better. He called me back and said I should go to the emergency. Emergency! What did Hives have with emergency?
I found out.

I was the only patient there. They took my Hives seriously. I was undressed, of course, and put to bed. These were sweet, sweet people, they cheered me, tried to make me laugh, kept me
right up to the minute what they were and would be doing.
I had a blood test of course, an EKG, had x-rays, my hand ready with needles for meds, covered with warm blankets, and all the while they kept that sweetness.

This is getting too long. I loved the doctor, he was so smart and so caring of how I felt. Another fellow called himself a "yardtech" which meant he did everything that was needed. He was great to talk to. Dean reminded me he gave the tests I was given.
And those sweet nurses kept coming and going and talking and laughing. I loved them.

The last thing they did was the plasma, two bags. That over they wrote instructions to keep me on track, and Dean took me home after about four hours of lying on my back obeying every order.

At home my lips are still swelled some, I still look awful, I am up but the Hives got up with me.
I am so confused I forgot it was today I was at the hospital. The hospital changed the schedule for meds and of course Dean had to go after more. This doctor had labeled two of my old meds as being the bad guys, so they skidooed. The Hives are still all over me but I do believe they are fading. They don't like steroids either.
Blessings still come, just where? They surprise us. Thank You God, I think it is going to be a good week.
Dean will have his 86th birthday, I may see my doctor the same day although I don't know why. I have to call him for an appointment, but it will be short, I hope he will find time for me.

Happy Days are still around and God is still good, and the only sad thing will be saying good bye to our youngest son and his family, they will be moving East.

Betty G

Sunday, July 11, 2010


A habit I don't like, falling. Falls, three in June and one already in July.
I fell Friday when at a yard sale I sat in my walker, but the driveway was steep and I went sailing down it backwards before I knew it and soon I went one way and my walker went another, and Dean had to pick me up again.
No broken bones but bruised and sore. One arm has a broken blood vessel which will just turn purple and go away. There is some swelling and one elbow scraped.
Sure could have been worse.

The trip to Tomah for Dean's 86th birthday has been changed to Betty's. Bless her, she always wants us to come to her house.
Also I will miss the Duluth trip. Dean says no way.
So it looks like I will be home again for a while to get over this. And pray it is enough punishment to this old body of mine.

Have I something to be thankful for? You bet!!
First, that Dean was with me and could pick me up. Then it was me instead of Dean. Then I didn't get hurt any worse than I did, even with two pair of glasses on they weren't broken, or any teeth, yet both sides of my face are sore.

The kids like to say this is our family reunion. And that is fine with us, when we are gone they will still have the reunion together. We are thankful our family is close and hopefully always will be. We have enough family to have a reunion already.

Life is good.
Betty G


I hate to say it but I fell again. No broken bones just bruised up and shaken good, and sore all over.

It was Friday at a yard sale. I was sitting in my walker and the driveway was steep and down I went, ending up on the ground. The walker went one way, I went another, and Dean had to pick me up again.

It's getting too often, three times in June, and now it's happening in July. I blame it on carelessness, mine.

Dean's picnic, his 86th birthday, was to be in Tomah, now it will be at Betty's, bless her she always wants us there. And a trip to Duluth will also be missed for me, Dean says no way.

I will probably quit yardsaling for a while. Hopefully, we will have one in August, though I am not sure if our house or Betty's!

The kids have dubbed Dean's birthday picnic our family reunion, we have enough family to have a reunion!

I think I will be homebound for a while so it will be nice to see the family.

Betty G

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Yes, we voted for Mike Huckabee and not McCain or Obama in the primaries.

Back when I got the daily Arkansas paper, I wrote a letter to the editor there regarding Arlansas politics.
Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, who followed Bill Clinton as governor, had to resign because of some wrongdoing.

That was when Mike Huckabee became governor. First thing on his agenda was to be removing the tax on food. You read that right. The Democrats actually taxed food!

We visited in Memphis a lot and one day when with an aunt buying groceries, I discovered she was taxed for the food.
Now, I still pray that idea never comes to Wisconsin, and disappears everywhere else!

Betty G

Friday, July 02, 2010


July 4 - Happy Birthday USA !
Also July 4 - Great Grandson Dane will be 16.
July 5 - Happy Birthday Walter.
July 15 - Long time husband of mine will be 86 !
July 20 - Son Gary will be 57.
July 22 - Granddaughter Jade will be 31. She's too young to be over the hill !
July 31 - Our kids, Denny and Peg, will celebrate their 39th anniversary !

It's a busy month, we have two picnics to go to already.

Happy birthdays and celebrations to all !
Betty G