Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I questioned giving to God my leftovers after a garage sales several years ago. People told me God wants everything I can give HIm. He just appreciates my giving.
I just could not agree with that. I believed God should receive our "first fruits," meaning our best.
Leftovers. Think, leftover time, leftover money, leftover talents, after we satisfy ourselves.
More to consider. Your boss gives you his leftovers after his own salary, your children given you time and affection after their own fun and friends. That makes it pretty sad doesn't it?
Look to the Bible for an answer. David's view, his giving depended on"that which cost me nothing." Right view! Also shows love in your giving.
Then remember Paul in Romans 12:1, "Present your bodies a living sacrifice...." nothing costs more than that. The best is to be given and that means everything, to God.
I do believe He doesn't accept seconds after we are through with them.
I have been giving our church books from my own bookshelves. I cannot say I am giving them to God, but after I make sure they are okay I can give them to members of our church and hope they like them as I have.

Hope you agree.
Betty G

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have never been a pessimist but weather like this can make me one. It has been cold for over a week, some rain but not too much, just cold temps that made a jacket necessary. Now it is to turn hot with rain and thunderstorms. That sounds like more than thunder is coming. When the temps go up we can expect storms that we don't want.
When it gets too bad we run to one of the girls' house because they have basements.
Now does that make me a pessimist? Of course it does !

Betty G

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Saturday was Cinder City Days here in our town, reminding us we were once a railroad town, with parades, a carnival, and all sorts of fun stuff.

We spent the day at our daughter Betty's house on the big parade's route. Actually, I missed it.
I had taken a head-first spill in our driveway before getting to Betty's. It was a nasty fall, tore my pants leg and had a ugly knee that was fast swelling. I hurt everywhere so spent the day in Betty's recliner being waited on for lunch.

It had looked like rain but it held off for the parade and towns around us had entered the parade so it really was a good one. Dean took pictures for me.

After that it was birthday time. Great Grandson Tyler was two and really into opening presents. He was fun. He would open one and would like it so much he wanted to play. Instead, Mom would make him open another and again he wanted to play, but he was excited and he was cute to watch. He's so cute anyway.

Now it is Sunday evening and I have finally gotten awake. I am still sore, have a swelled knee that lost a lot of skin but no blood, and have a terrible headache.
It's not funny to fall.

Betty G