Saturday, February 20, 2010


Dean is doing very well, thank you. And if you prayed for him and his biopsy, thank you again and thank our Lord God.

He really is feeling much better and with Bobby here all weekend, Betty here yesterday afternoon, and Doug here this evening, he has been cheered up.
The other kids just couldn't make it.

The biopsy revealed a tumor that was cancerous, and was removed and the bladder wash was used to kill it. The doctor says there was no other cancer.
He is on meds that will take a long time to actually work but he is feeling great now with pain meds.

He and Bobbi are watching the Olympics so I will joing them.
Thanks again,
Betty G

Saturday, February 06, 2010


A reminder came in my favorite magazine "Israel my Glory."

Remember Belshazzar, king of Babylon, with the Medo-Persian army at the gates of the city, decided to throw a party, to play instead of pray or even prepare to defend the city and its people.
Remember it was a word from God, written on the wall, that was the warning it was the end for Babylon.
That night, the king was dead and Babylon was no more.

This was an editorial, annon, and was discussing the recent killings by the Muslin army doctor at Fort Hood.
All reports have gone the way of political correctness, and the editorial asked the question, "Is anyone listening? Or have we all gone to a party?"
Most of this is copied.

Betty G

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I am always my clumsy, falling self, but Dean is always in tip-top shape.
But, not this week, actually, nearly three weeks. He went to emergency twice, saw the doctor once, had tests including a catscan, and was told his bladder has a spot or something loose in it.
He has had a lot of pain and bleeding and now has a catheter, til next Monday.

So, he does need prayer help. And we have a lot of thanks for our children and grandchildren who have been the drivers for our needs and the constant calls to check on us. As busy as they are they have been at our beck and call for so much.

So, kids, we thank you. Bless you, everyone.



I've been going through books on our shelves, looking for books to put in our church library.

For the library I've found books by Billy Graham, David Jeremiah, Dr. James Dobson, Larry Richards, Adrian Rogers, E. Doan, Charles Swindoll, Charles Stanley, and others, including my own book. These are some I took to church . I still have a lot to sort out. I have to read every one again before I make up my mind to part with it.

I came across "What happens When Women Pray," by Evelyn Christenson. I hadn't read it in years but I want to read it over and over. I attended one of her sessions in 1980 so the book has meant a lot to me.

Reading it I began to think I couldn't part with it but I know others need it too. I am such a booklover it is hard to part with any book. And the more I think about it, I will keep it for while.

Betty G

Monday, February 01, 2010


February 2010 is here, TODAY !

Feruary 1 - Grandson Buck's birthday, he would be 30 now.
February 2 - Grandson Doug's birthday.
February 11 - Grandson Matt, our firefighter and first responder, will be 27.
February 11 - Friend Clara's birthday.
February 13 - Son Denny's birthday.
February 13 - Friend Millie's 92nd birthday.
February 17 - Granddaughters Jeni and Jodee both will celebrate birthdays.
February 20 - Great grandson Aiden James celebrating in Heaven.
February 23 - Great Grandson J.D.'s fifth birthday.
February 27 - Good friend Donna's birthday.

The weather forecaster said it would be one degree below zero this morning, too dark for me to read the outside thermometer. According to the weather station in my office, it is 9 above. I will have to wait for light outside to see who is right. I do know it is cold!

Every month means birthday cards. If I missed someone, or got something wrong, let me know.
Betty G