Sunday, December 13, 2009

This is what we saw when we got home Friday evening. Son Denny had blown the snow out of the driveway and walkway so we got in okay but then we had a cold house to warm up. We turn everything down when we go away in the winter or we would be still thawing it out!!!
Today was sunny again and rather nice. But, now we are hearing it will blow in again tomorrow.
But, this is Wisconsin!!!
Betty G


Oh, and I do mean busy. Right away on the first day of December it was Nebraska for dye-checking. Grandson Matt went with him just to visit and watch Dean work.

Next it was Fargo, North Dakota, by himself. He wouldn't let me go this time. It was another dye check and he came home again.

Then on the 7th, I went with him to LeMars, Iowa, where he dye checked their huge plants. That is where Blue Bunny produces all that wonderful ice cream and yogurt and whatever else they make.
We have been there many times, it is a yearly thing, and I do believe it has the nicest people anywhere. Everywhere we had contact with anyone they were super nice.

It was LeMars, a few years ago, I had what seemed to be a heart attack, it wasn't, and the paramedics came and I kept trying to convince them I did not have a heart attack but when one said if you were my mother you would be in the hospital right now.
So, how could I let him down and they bundled me up, and took me to the hospital. They had contacted Dean, he was working on a Saturday, and I was in the motel, so he went to the hospital, too.
Care, tests, put into a room, a wonderful heart doctor from Phoenix, and nurses and staff everyone was super. When they finally let me go, the doctor told me to go right home. I said we would leave the next day, but he said if you don't leave tonight, I will put you in the hospital in
Sioux City, SD.
So, we came home with all sorts of test results and the like.

So, how can I go through that and not think they are wonderful people. And that includes maids at the motel, workers with Dean, and everyone we met. So LeMars will always be special with us.

Of course, this trip, 5 days, was 5 days of snow and cold. LeMars got 9", blowing snow, and temp of 9 below 0. When we got home Friday, we found more snow, up to 13" and colder temps.

Dean came home reved up to work on Christmas plans, but those three trips so close to together, and eight or nine dyechecks told him at 85 he shouldn't try it again.

If he wasn't so good at it, maybe they would stop asking for him!!

Betty G