Monday, November 16, 2009


Angels are still on my mind.

I have fouind some help from John MacArthur and the wonderful magazine, "Friends of Israel."
I've been getting this magazine for years and for the first time, it's latest issue had stories about angels.

Right away, "God and Satan assign powerful angels to influence rulers and nations." That is credited to the book of Daniel, when Daniel was to be given help by an angel of God. Instead an evil angel sent by Satan, interfered until God sent Michael, a chief among angels, to help.
This is important for us to know. Satan still tries to interfere with God's plans for help for us by His angels. We never know of evil and good over our lives and this calls for prayer and trust in God for the good.

One article, "Seeing is Believing,"relates angels appearing in Genesis 28, II Kings 6, Psalms 34, Isaiah 6, reminding us "A real but unseen world exists that is controlled by God."

The third and last article is, "All about Angels." Nothing new but good reading. It repeats that angels do not have physical bodies by nature. They cannot be touched or seen. This did happen, though, in Genesis 18, 19, and Hebrews 13. It was necessary.
"Angels do not have sexuality by nature." They are not sexual and we are to be like angels in Heaven.
"Angels do not die." Again, in Heaven we are to be like angels. Now we are under Adam's fall, remember, angels are not. It is impossible to kill an angel.
"God created angels." They do not reproduce. There are no sons of angels, "They are not spirits of deceased people."

As for MacArthur, his questions and answers on angels were excellent reading but he just agrees with the thinking so far.
Do we have guardian angels? His answer, the Bible doesn't assign us our own angel, nowhere.
What they do is "watch the believer, guide us, protect us, deliver us from trouble, death, and problems, and attend us at our death."

So, I have learned all I need to know for now. Angels are busy doing what God wants and it is for us, our good. Their purpose is to serve the believer as God directs. So be grateful and trust God to do the best.