Monday, November 02, 2009


Here we go !!!

November 2 - Great granddaught Tyra will be 9 0r 10 years old.
3 - Old friends, Leroy and Mary Elizabeth have an anniversary.
7 - Also, Jeni and Eric will celebrate their fifth year.
11 - Grandson Terry will be 36!! Seems impossible.
13 - Gary Jr., Grandson, will be 27. I remember where I was when he was born, in church. I got a call from Texas.
24 - Granddaughter, Jeni, out in Colorado, has a birthday, her 33st I think.
26 - Thanksgiving Day. We do have to thank God and remember He is in control though it seems right now the wrong people are running things here.
27 - A dear friend, Bill Borland, has another birthday.
30 - Jaelyn, great granddaughter, will be 2!!

I certainly do wish all these birthdays and anniversaries, are happy days for everyone.
Betty G