Thursday, October 29, 2009


Back to what the Bible says.

We are told to treat strangers with kindness because we never know, they may be angels.
That is a wonderful promise. Angels could show up at our door to help us, even cheer us up, but we could miss them, by dismissing them because they are strangers to us. This could be the very time they are there to take our problems, but also the very time we will miss what might have been.

God commands angels to guard Christians in all their ways. This is in Psalm 91.
I haven't found anywhere in God's Word that we are to command angels. I do read that we are not to worship them. We are only to worship God, He will do the commanding of angels. We do not tell them when and where to go and what to do.
Angels are not gods. Colossians 2 says those who teach the worship of angels are false teachers.

Another thought. Angels are continually patrolling the Earth today so we can be sure they know what we need. This is really comforting, and reminds us we probably miss danger many times, we just don't know it. For this we can be thankful. God is in control.

Luke 16 tells us angels will escort us at death to Heaven if we are among the righteous. This is
"being saved" for God.

I have not met an angel that I know of. I also do not know of anyone who has but I would like to hear of help or word from angels to someone.
Thanks you for your help with this. I have strong belief that angels are real and do God's will.

Betty G