Friday, October 23, 2009


Start at the bottom for the right order. It was a quick storm and tomorrow it may be all gone.
And that is okay I need to go shopping!!
Betty G
Ignore that date, it is the date when I bought my camera and I haven't gotten it off my camera yet.


I don't like what I am seeing outside my window, but I have to admit it is pretty.
It has been raining all morning, sometimes light, sometimes hard, but now it is snowing, and it is is sticking. Temp is 38 and no wind.

I love this window in the office. It is the reason I wanted to move the office into this room. My desk is an eight foot long counter top and here it is right in the window. In the other room it was against a blank wall, the window was in another wall facing north.
So, it is sunny when the outside is sunny. The window is wide, faces south and I get the sunshine!! and the fun of watching the squirrels!!
I love it!!!

So, I am happy with it. Still, I would be happier if I could get everything put in its place and some order would be accomplished.
I am finding out most people with home offices that include crafts have this problem and constantly work to clear the clutter.
So, it will work out. In the meantime I love the sunshine in here.

And since I sat down to write this, everything outside is white!!!

Betty G