Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am hesitant to write this, it sounds like a grammar schoolchild's report on something everyone should know. But I admit I know very little about angels and I want to know all about them.
That means I have to start somewhere.

I have learned that angels don't marry and there aren't any little cherubs, like on greeting cards, up in the heavens. There aren't any women angels. That is a surprise to me. Angels are creatures, created with a free will, by God, probably before He created Adam.

I have learned that God sends angels out on specific duties where He sees the need. They could only be at one place, one duty, at a time. They are not as God, omnipresent.

There are millions and millions of angels and all have their duties. Revelations 5 says they are incredibly mighty, great in power.

Israel has its own angel. Michael is a prince among the angels and watches over Israel.

Gabriel, well-known by this world for his horn, doesn't blow a horn. He is also commissioned for specific duties by God, as announcing the birth of John the Baptist, and also the birth of Jesus.

Satan, an angel, is prince of this world. He is a rebellious angel and was cast out of Heaven.

Angels can appear in human form when necessary. In Daniel 9, Gabriel came to give Daniel skill and understanding, specific duties, appearing immediately, an answer to prayer. But an evil angel, and there are plenty of those, attempted to stop him but failed.
This is a lesson for us. Satan with his evil angels, can block our prayers. We do not know how many times this happens.

Now, if you aren't going to help me I will have to keep reading and reading, trying to find something else for myself about angels. I am determined to find the truth for myself. If I depend on stories in magazines and the like, they will read like fairy tales.
That is not what I want.

Betty G