Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We had two birthdays to party for Sunday with lunch in DaughterBetty's yard. Great Grandchildren, Melanie is 14, and Amanda is two, both the same day.
Melanie is quite grown up, Amanda was having a ball. She seems to have really grown up just lately, her vocabulary is amazing. MommyLaura started reading books to her when she was an infant and she loves books more than anything. Laura would hold her on her lap, Amanda would hold her toes and stay still for as many books as Laura would read. Amazing to me.

Everyone had a great time. The little ones were busy on the swings and the slide. Great Granddaughter Jaelyn, not quite two, is so very tiny, unbelievable how she would climb up the ladder and whiz down the slide and run back to go up again!

We've had summer weather for almost two weeks now so the day was perfect.
A wonderful party!!

Betty G