Friday, September 04, 2009


Fall is here. Where was summer?

September 2 - Brandy's daughter, birthday,
Also - Granddaughter Martha, birthday. Happy birthday girls!
September - 14 - Happy Birthday Mr.Eddie.
September - 16 - Melanie and Amanda have birthdays, both are great granddaughters. Mel is a beautiful blonde young lady and Amanda is a beautiful two-year-old. Happy birthday, girls.
September - 4 - Grandaughter Jeni is flying in from Colorado for the weekend. We are all looking forward to this evening when we all get together.

August 28 - I think was Zoanna's birthday, hope it was a happy one.

September 8 - therapy day for me. Would you believe I have "golf elbow!" Never played golf in my life, except miniature golf. It is painful and I was told not to use my arm and wear a brace, it is my right one.
It will pass

Anyone missed? Let me know.
Betty G