Sunday, August 02, 2009


August is here and I am wondering if summer is finally here. Early this morning it was only in the 40's, and now at 1:00 it is only 76. That is not summer weather to me, but it is pleasant.

August also brings some dates to remember at our house.

This one is hard to believe. Our great grandson Brett was 9 on the first day of August.
Our cousins who host the family reunion celebrate their 50th anniversary. They had a big party the 25th and we were there.
August 28 - Brandy's birthday. She's a lady, don't ask her age.

August 29 - Dean born again, 1981, while we were living in Springfield, Missouri.
Also, August 29 - Tristian, great grandson, will be 13.
Still, August 29 - Dave and Marcie, I think it is 65 years of marriage, to one another.

August 30 - Lowell, our oldest grandson, 42 years old.
We have little Avery, but I don't have the date.

Did I miss anyone, or make any mistakes?
Let me know.
Betty G