Monday, July 13, 2009


Bobbi won't like me for publishing this picture but I love it.
She was home for the weekend to attend her 40th high school class reunion, and she had a great time.
I sent some copies of my book and she gave them away. I only have seven left so I am keeping them for future grandchildren.
Don't fuss Bobbi, it really is a good picture.
Betty G


Today is a hearing for Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. It is another federal position that doesn't bother to use a record for a decision.

We have been hearing about all these 30 plus czars Obama is bringing into service without any hearings or any other accountability to anyone but Obama. He even sets their salaries.

Today I have been reading re the science czar chosen by Obama. He is John Holdren.
I don't like his record.
I don't like his reaction to what he has deemed as the "population explosion." In 1977, his solution was "compulsory abortions."

Holdren has forecast many calamaties that never happened.
Now it is global warming.

Prayer is needed for this nation now much more than ever. I see the federal government following the wrong way every day.

I don't like what I read and hear.
Betty G