Friday, July 03, 2009


Summer is here and it will be a busy month.

July 4 -Happy Birthday USA !
Also July 4 - Great grandson Dane will be 15.
July 5 - Happy Birthday Walter!
July 8 - Long-time friend Dorothy, will be 82.
July 15 - Long-time husband of mine, will be 85.
July 20 - Son Gary will be 56.
July 22 - Granddaughter Jade, will be 30, a milestone.
July 25 - We will help celebrate Jerry and Doris' 50th anniversary! Precious people.
July 31 - Denny and Peg, our kids, will celebrate their 38th anniversary. Also precious people.

Our best wishes for you all. Have great celebrations!

And before I forget. Last year mreddie wrote that he was getting stitches out July 7, 2008. So I hope all went well. Haven't heard from his lately.

July will be busy so I have to get busy right now so I can join in July's busyness!
Betty G


Dean and I started last week to exchange two rooms. That is to make the office the guest room and the guest room, the office. Understand??
And believe me it has been a chore and we are only about half done. Each room has a walk-in closet and that means the shelving for the office has to be moved and the door removed. The guest room gets the closet rods now and the door back on. The tedious work is getting all the papers and craft stuff cleaned up and moved to the shelves. That is taking forever.
We have boxes and stuff all through the house yet to find a new home in the change.

A friend came over yesterday and exclaimed, "It looks like a tornado came through here!" And she was right! The tornado was Dean and I.

The other room has proved to be larger than I thought and I know I am going to love it! I have an eight foot counter now for work space. It sits on four 2-drawer file cabinets with pix and the like in them which means I must get back to scrapbooking. The hardest part is finding a spot for everything in a better order that it had been. That is proving to be really hard but I am amazed at the things I have that I'd forgotten completely.

Dean still has his desk, computer, and file cabinet to move, and my computer, and the printers.
Three desk chairs will be simple to move , pix and stuff, and of course, curtains, all have to be exchanged. And on, and on, it goes. Bobbi will be here next weekend so we have to have it done!!
So, we have been busy, and we are tired.

We haven't forgotten it is July 4 and we will get together with Daughter Betty's family at her house, and the weather promises to be perfect. So we should get past this tiredness and be rested.
I hope you all have a perfect day, too. And remember to at least fly Old Glory!!
Betty G