Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is a minor picture of what went on at the Breaking Bricks Saturday. There were many black belters breaking those bricks, sometimes two at a time. I thought it was great.
The big picture is from the newspaper and is a super guy, Dan, one of the instructors. The students and instructors at One Tree gave a whole day for Special Olympics in boiling hot weather. The inflatable things to play on were super, too, but I didn't get a picture of them. I hope to yet and if I do I will post them.
One Tree is our grandson Jeremy's school and he has been doing this for several years and we are very proud of him.
Oh, yes, the amount from all the doings was just under $15,000. That is the largest amount the school has made in one day. Super!

Glad I didn't miss it!
Betty G