Thursday, May 21, 2009


Let me say, rock music and the like do not interest me. I am really turned off by such.
But about three weeks ago, daughter Peg wanted to watch American Idol, she and Denny happened to be staying at our house while she was ill.
So, I watched it with her, a first for me because I had never seen it. I was turned off by Adam Lambert and his cold eyes, and like the news reports, his 'black nail polish."
But, everyone was so certain that Adam would be the winner. He stayed in to the last show.

Peg and I wanted Kris Allen to win but it looked as though he didn't have a chance opposite the smooth and talented Adam.
When Gov. Huckkabee said his family were rooting for Kris, that cinched it for me, I had to watch last night.

I was disappointed with the whole show, outlandish singing, dancing, and music, all were a waste of time. But at the end, with Adam and Kris, it was announced that the new Idol was Kris Allen ! The judges were upset of course, it was unbelievable that the home-town college boy could get more votes than the super Adam. But he did!

Dean wasn't home, he ran some errands instead of wasting time with such music, and I sat there telling God why Kris should win, and why Adam should not, as if God didn't have His own reasons.
Then when he did win, I just shouted "Thank you, Lord, You did it!" It reminded me that God is always in control, and He is good and just.

I have sworn off the program for the coming year!
Betty G