Wednesday, April 29, 2009


May is a busy month for us but some dates are doubling up.

May 3 - Peg's birthday. She will be moving into a new house. Right now she is fighting vertigo.

May 4 - My brother's 74th birthday. He is my only sibling. It is also his and Vivian's wedding anniversary. Blessings to you both.

May 9 - Bobbi graduates, magna cum laude, and it is Lorraine Turner's birthday down in Florida.

May 10 - Mother's Day. My mother was buried on Mother's Day, 1935, in Memphis. This year we will be away.

May 11, Bryant's birthday. He will be 52. Happy birthday!

May 17 - 64th anniversary for Dean and I. We will be away for this date, too.

We will attending Bobbi's graduation party this month.

Now, did I miss anyone or anything? Please let me know. I have a bad habit of losing notes that I write to myself!!!


Betty G