Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

2009, Wow!!!

Today is Doug's birthday, we will celebrate with him later in the week.
Then Sunday I will start the eye drops getting ready for surgery. February 11 is surgery day and then 3 or 4 weeks of eye drops. four times a day. It is a long drawn out affair but I should be able to see once that is done. Right now I have a terrible time making out letters even close up.

I love to read and I have lots of books not read yet. Dean reads too, and he has read more than I have lately. That is not normal at our house, but I am thankful that he does like to read and we read a lot of the same books.

I could add, we like the same music, except Dean adds country music, and we like the same preachers on television. Movies, no, his preference goes to war and western. I clear out when they are on tv. That may be why we get along!!!

This week he painted the master bath, a beautiful green. I love it. Now I want the master bedroom painted the same green. That's how much I love the color.

Then today, he bought a microwave to go over the stove like I had at our old house. Now he has to get the space ready and Doug will help. Lowell will probably have to help install it, he helped at our old house. Then the kitchen will need a paint job. I have a hard time selecting a color but I know I want a color in there.

One of the days I will have a bright, new-looking house. but will I be content? It's up to me.
Betty G


In the paper today, from 1969, 40 years ago, were Dean as Scoutmaster, and our two sons, with five of the older boys, reported as participating in the District Klondike Derby.
The klondike belonged to the troop and I am wondering if it still is with them. It was a sled you ran behind like in Alaska, insted of having dogs pulling it. The boys loved it. It was kept at our house between outings by the troop and our Bryant could barely give it up when we left.
I don't know if they won the derby or not, I'll have to ask Dean.
Those were the fun years.
Betty G