Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is Wednesday, the 14th..
Winter and old age, not a good combination.
Winter here has been colder than usual, and earlier. I am reading it is everywhere in the USA. Since the South has never left me, I have been hibernating, meaning I haven't been out but once since November.
That once was to Betty's on Christmas Day. That was for dinner and to be sure I got to see Russ and all the kids.
Christmas was good, a crowd was at our house for our Christmas family party.
Then January 8 my birthday, 83, came and went and I was still hibernating but with a chest cold, sore throat, and all that went with it. I can say I am now better but still staying in.

I have a new treadmill, haven't got the minimum 10 minutes a day yet, but I will.
I have a new camera, haven't used it much either.
I have all kinds of perfect stuff for making greeting cards, but I'm not getting any extra made. Seems they go out as fast as I get them made.

Days do go by. It's been below zero when I get up, the coldest was 30 below, windchill at its coldest was over 40 below. Then the sun comes out and since we face the south, we get the sun in the windows and it really is pleasant.
I am not complaining actually. I try not to worry about next year's cold and will there be heat for these Northern states.

Such dreary rambling.
Actually, I keep busy. Decided I want some new color in our house. So I am listing what I want done after Dean and Doug get Betty's list done.
In the meantime there is the treadmill, the camera, and the cards to make, for my days inside. I don't have to go out in the below zero temps.

Dean got a ladderball game for Christmas from Betty, and I am really looking forward to having sessions with it and picnics this summer. That brings a lot of cheer to us.

It's Saturday now. Dean is back from a job in Iowa, and he has a bad cold now, too. He has been gone since Wednesday, and this was once I couldn't go along.
Today the temps are above zero once again and I am making chili.
So, all is right at our house. We are being told a heat wave is coming. That assures us God is on our side. His seasons include Spring and we are looking forward to that, too.
Betty G