Thursday, October 29, 2009


Back to what the Bible says.

We are told to treat strangers with kindness because we never know, they may be angels.
That is a wonderful promise. Angels could show up at our door to help us, even cheer us up, but we could miss them, by dismissing them because they are strangers to us. This could be the very time they are there to take our problems, but also the very time we will miss what might have been.

God commands angels to guard Christians in all their ways. This is in Psalm 91.
I haven't found anywhere in God's Word that we are to command angels. I do read that we are not to worship them. We are only to worship God, He will do the commanding of angels. We do not tell them when and where to go and what to do.
Angels are not gods. Colossians 2 says those who teach the worship of angels are false teachers.

Another thought. Angels are continually patrolling the Earth today so we can be sure they know what we need. This is really comforting, and reminds us we probably miss danger many times, we just don't know it. For this we can be thankful. God is in control.

Luke 16 tells us angels will escort us at death to Heaven if we are among the righteous. This is
"being saved" for God.

I have not met an angel that I know of. I also do not know of anyone who has but I would like to hear of help or word from angels to someone.
Thanks you for your help with this. I have strong belief that angels are real and do God's will.

Betty G

Friday, October 23, 2009


Start at the bottom for the right order. It was a quick storm and tomorrow it may be all gone.
And that is okay I need to go shopping!!
Betty G
Ignore that date, it is the date when I bought my camera and I haven't gotten it off my camera yet.


I don't like what I am seeing outside my window, but I have to admit it is pretty.
It has been raining all morning, sometimes light, sometimes hard, but now it is snowing, and it is is sticking. Temp is 38 and no wind.

I love this window in the office. It is the reason I wanted to move the office into this room. My desk is an eight foot long counter top and here it is right in the window. In the other room it was against a blank wall, the window was in another wall facing north.
So, it is sunny when the outside is sunny. The window is wide, faces south and I get the sunshine!! and the fun of watching the squirrels!!
I love it!!!

So, I am happy with it. Still, I would be happier if I could get everything put in its place and some order would be accomplished.
I am finding out most people with home offices that include crafts have this problem and constantly work to clear the clutter.
So, it will work out. In the meantime I love the sunshine in here.

And since I sat down to write this, everything outside is white!!!

Betty G

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I caught Gage with a can of pop in his face, so it isn't in sight here.
Betty G


Sunday was a day to thrill Dean and I. Part of our family came for a potluck and to see Gary and Brandy here from Texas. Twenty two of us, parents, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, were here, but many were missing.
Hopefully they will all be back next May for our 65th anniversary. Dean is 85 and I will be 84 in January, so we are certainly the old folks.
Oh, ignore the date on these pictures, it is when I bought the camera, not the date of the picture!!
The top pix is some of the guys, the 2nd is three of the girls, then Gary and Brandy, and Dean and I with a great grandson who was loving the swing. He really just wanted to swing!!
Days like that will be cherished.
Thank you kids for coming.
I love them all,
Betty G

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am hesitant to write this, it sounds like a grammar schoolchild's report on something everyone should know. But I admit I know very little about angels and I want to know all about them.
That means I have to start somewhere.

I have learned that angels don't marry and there aren't any little cherubs, like on greeting cards, up in the heavens. There aren't any women angels. That is a surprise to me. Angels are creatures, created with a free will, by God, probably before He created Adam.

I have learned that God sends angels out on specific duties where He sees the need. They could only be at one place, one duty, at a time. They are not as God, omnipresent.

There are millions and millions of angels and all have their duties. Revelations 5 says they are incredibly mighty, great in power.

Israel has its own angel. Michael is a prince among the angels and watches over Israel.

Gabriel, well-known by this world for his horn, doesn't blow a horn. He is also commissioned for specific duties by God, as announcing the birth of John the Baptist, and also the birth of Jesus.

Satan, an angel, is prince of this world. He is a rebellious angel and was cast out of Heaven.

Angels can appear in human form when necessary. In Daniel 9, Gabriel came to give Daniel skill and understanding, specific duties, appearing immediately, an answer to prayer. But an evil angel, and there are plenty of those, attempted to stop him but failed.
This is a lesson for us. Satan with his evil angels, can block our prayers. We do not know how many times this happens.

Now, if you aren't going to help me I will have to keep reading and reading, trying to find something else for myself about angels. I am determined to find the truth for myself. If I depend on stories in magazines and the like, they will read like fairy tales.
That is not what I want.

Betty G

Monday, October 12, 2009


In the news:

There was some sort of mixup in Washington, D. C. that said the school children could not send Christmas cards with "Happy Birthday Jesus," on them, or pictures of the nativity, for the national Christmas tree.
But it was corrected and all is well.

It is like the lady who asked the little girl if she got all she asked for for Christmas. The little girl said, No, but it isn't my birthday."
I would like to say, it isn't Santa Claus' birthday either.

Betty G

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I am trying to gain some knowledge of angels. It isn't easy, I know very, very little of angels. I need some input for help. I don't expect any coments for help because my comments are next to zero.

It is hard to believe that as long as I have been a Christian I have not learned about angels. I think some things I have heard are not true but I have not gotten far enough in studying to find out for sure.
I really do need help.

I will try to post what I do learn and what I do believe and what I find is true. Should be interesting.

Betty G

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


As good as Rodgers is for the Packers we should have expected the Vikings with Farve to lead, would win. After all, they have won every game so far !!
Both teams had a lot to win or lose, for the fans first, for themselves and their teams second. Tempers were hot on both sides but the finish is no surprise.
Now, we must calm down and finish the season the best we can. We may see the Viking in the Super Bowl yet.
Boo Hoo.
Betty G

Monday, October 05, 2009


This is from yesterday's Eau Claire Leader Telegram.
I'm sure it made a hit with a lot of Packer fans. It sure did with me!!!
Betty G

Thursday, October 01, 2009


October 1, today, my Aunt Margaret's birthday. I think she is 88. She has advanced to a nursing home.
October 14, Woo Hoo, Bryant and Vada's 20th anniversary.
October 21, Granddaughter Sara, mothering five children, has a birthday.
October 27, Grandchildren Sara and Lowell, also have an anniversary.
October 26, Jeremy, father of four children, has a birthday. 35th I believe.
October means time for flu shot.

Best wishes for whatever you celebrate this month and let me know if I missed you.
Betty G