Sunday, December 28, 2008


We met at our house for our Christmas party and it was absolutely wonderful.
We seemed to have room for all or us, 21 including the two babies. Of course Amanda at one-year-old, is walking and enjoying everything in sight and doing it so sweetly.
I must tell you, she had a cup with a teddy bear stuffed into it. Right away she took the bear and hugged it and then she tried to give it a drink with the cup. That was precious.
She had a little pair of gloves, glitter and fur decorated, I think, and right away she put them on, crooked of course and waved her hands around. That, too, was precious. I loved it.

Before moving here two years ago, we had a big basement family room and had a ping pong table and added smaller tables, for eating and for all the foods. There was lots of comfortable seating so we had a perfect place for the family party.
Not so here, we had the livingroom and the kitchen, but we seemed to come out just fine. And so much food, goodies, and all.
Bobbi took charge and really did it so everyone was happy. All our girls could have done it, but they were busy, so Bobbi, with help popping in and out, came up Christmas night because of the weather, loaded with ideas and rosettes and angel food, and lots more good things, and worked nonstop and gave our family a great time.

Lots of presents of course, but I think the family had the most fun with Laura's game. Each one brings a $5 gift and is given a number, and then picks a gift, one at a time. You can, at your turn, take someone's gift if you want it, and then they have to take someone's or a new one. There was a lot of happy laughter and teasing, and it really was a lot of fun for everyone.
Too, we make a lot of noise at this!!!
I have a hunch there are many families who play this game and enjoy it too.

Bobbi left this morning after a BIG job well done and we thank her very much.
Dean is watching the Packers, I am thinking about lunch, and company is coming later today.

So, all is well and happy at our house.
Hope you can say the same and had a wonderful Christmas
Now I wish you a great New Year ahead. 2009, WOW!!!!

Betty G