Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Last year, Dean, took our Christmas tree apart so we could get it on a table in a window.
This year we are using the whole six feet of it.
I have been seeing Christmas trees covered with decorations and I like them. So I am covering mine with all kinds, but it isn't done. I should have realized decorating a tree like this is hard on the arms, and they really hurt.
I also am glad we gave the big tree to daughter Betty when we moved here. She does hers with big things, and small stuff of course, and it always looks perfect.
The two great granddaughters of our who became one year old this year are proving to be busybodies. They are into everything since they started walking. Now they have to learn to live with Christmas decorations. So, it is interesting and fun.
The other new great grandson isn't walking yet, this will be his first Christmas.
I am rambling. It isn't 6 a.m. yet, as I write this, and I am just barely awake. I'll post this later.
It's 28 degrees and we have 3 1/2 inches of snow. South they got around 5 inches.
I am in no hurry for snow. It means Dean has to bundle up and get behind the snowblower and clean everything.
I am thankful we don't have sidewalks or a long driveway, and that he does have a snowblower ready. though.
There isn't anything really interesting here. I do write for the family so they know what we are up to and I do keep these. I print them and stick them in my journal. It's a lazy way of journaling.
So, it's 6 a.m. and I need to see what God's Word says this morning.
Have a lovely day.
Betty G


We had a nice day yesterday.

We celebrated another birthday in the family. Our daughter, Bobbi, becomes 58 today!!

It was weeks ago a professor, at Viterbo College, asked her to ride to Eau Claire with her, giving Bobbi all day with us. So, two other daughters who live here, came for lunch and were laughing and remembering, and it was wonderful. I am so thankful they are such good friends.

My brother in Arkansas, had sent pecans again. Big, all shelled, they are awesome, so I bag them up so we all get some. Each girl had a bag of pecans by their plate.

We do thank him very much. So many good things to make with pecans!!!

Merry Christmas,

Betty G


Here's a quick, short list for December.

3., Today, daughter Bobbi, 58th birthday.
10- Grandson Josh, birthday, he will be 32.
16- Granddaughter Denise - birthday.
24 - Gary and Brandy, anniversary.
25 - Celeration of Jesus' birthday, known as Christmas.
25 - Also a friend from my school days, Mary E., also known by her brother Carl, and I, as Sister. She will be my age.
26 - Great granddaughter Denae. She will be 8.
27 - Daughter Vada, birthday.
21 - New Year's Eve.

All loved in the family.
Happy Day for you all.
Betty G