Sunday, November 09, 2008


Yes, we are home again. We were west but not as far as Fargo, ND, this time. I did read that they had nearly 4 feet of snow.
We were in the middle of northern Nebraska, and we did have snow but not much was sticking. I took my camera with the idea of getting pictures of snow for Brandy, she went nuts when they were here over snow flurries that melted when they hit the ground. She loves snow.

We started for home Saturday morning and when we crossed over into Iowa there was the snow. Lots of it, not 4 feet of it, but it covered fields and roofs. And my camera was out of my reach. Oh, well, I had good intentions.

No snow on the ground here in Wisconsin, but we had several deer run across our path when we were close to home. Dean slowed but didn't have to stop. The deer disappeared into the brush. So, believe me, we were busy watching the sides of the highway after that, and it was dark so that kept us nervous and awake.

We are home, safe and sound, just tired. Every time Dean goes out on a job, and it is a long drive, I say no more. But he loves it, and I can't let myself let him go alone.
Betty G