Monday, November 03, 2008


You know I write about my uncles in Memphis and think about them a lot.
Reading MrEddie this morning and his concern for helping young people with spiritual things and knowledge of how to live, reminded me of how much I learned from my uncles, and then the family in Arkansas.
MrEddie was with the young people, and I was reminded that the elderly need the attention, too.
That brought to mind when my grandmother, Mama, in Memphis was dying in the hospital, my uncles were at her bedside constantly, singing to her all the old hymns she loved so much.
That is love.
Then there was the time of the death of my grandfather, Papa, in Memphis, all seven uncles were there for Mama, and were pallbearers. Dan had to hitchhike all across the country to be there and he was there on time. Several uncles were in service then. Can't you imagine how Mama's heart was full of love for her sons?
I know how much love I feel for our children when they all come together for our family gettogethers. I love them all.
Betty G