Saturday, November 01, 2008


Nov. 2, Tyra Marie, great granddaughter, will be 8.
Nov. 7, Jeni and Eric, grandchildren, will note their 4th wedding anniversary.
Nov. 11, Terry, grandson, will be 35.
Nov. 13, Gary Jr., grandson, will be 26.
Nov. 24, Jeni, granddaughter, will be 32.
Nov. 27, Thanksgiving Day.
Nov. 30, Great Granddaughter Jaelyn will have her first birthday.

Who else did I miss this time??? I have had to make some corrections.

Blessings to you all.
Betty G


Halloween is past and it was quiet at our house. We probably had about eight kids until granddaughter Sara brought a carful. When all of them came in at once Dean just set the big orange bowl of candy in the middle of the living room floor and let them fill their bags.

I am showing my Grinch side today.
I don't know which is worse, kids going around begging candy or the stunts we pulled when I was a teen.

A few years back I was jolted with Halloween memories by an old teenage friend in a birthday card.
He reminded me of things we did as teens, one in particular was on Halloween. I lived with my grandparents in North Little Rock, Arkansas, on a minor highway going to Memphis, so a bunch of us tied banners, like the college banners, on a long rope and tied it across the highway.
Cars did stop. I remember we did get the police but I don't remember what they did or said. Also, I don't remember anyone breaking our rope.

This sounds minor after all these years, but in today's traffic, it would be a disaster.

This was in the late 1930's. There were all sorts of stunts pulled on people in the neighborhood and I was there, but thankfully they are not in my memory!!!

Betty G