Thursday, October 30, 2008


The temp here right now is 73.8. Can you believe it!!! It is beautiful. Dean has finished up the flower beds so he can now forget them.
Daughter Betty and I got our flu shots this morning at the clinic, Dean got his yesterday at the VA clinic. He got his check up, too, for another year.
This afternoon Dean and I voted for McCain. When I voted, I thought, if our mayor had the friends of the bad reputations that Obama's has, I wouldn't vote for them for anything. And consequently I wouldn't vote for Obama either. Follow me?? I know I talk in circles sometimes.
Then Dean and I visited the new flea market building just a couple of blocks from us. The owner has it full of pretties, a lot of them antiques, that I don't buy.
Some of the stuff was garage sale stuff so I did find some things. I was happy.
So, it is now after 5, and my day is probably slow for many, but for me it is busy. And I tire easily so the day is done for me.
Take care,
Betty G